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Re: Adding 'Flourite' to an established tank

> Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 17:01:11 -0400
> From: "Job, Damon" <djob at genv_org>
> Subject: Re: Adding 'Flourite' to an established tank
> Ideally, the 'Flourite' should be under the gravel. If you can, I would
> remove the fish before adding a 5-7cm layer of flourite.

This is not true for Flourite.  It doesn't need to be buried under other
substrate.  That is often the case with Laterite additives.   

As for adding it to an existing tank, after rinsing it several dozen
times, you can add it on top of the existing substrate, and it will
eventually mix in with the old stuff.

I recently removed the substrate from my 29g tank, and replaced it
with Flourite/Profile mix (75% flourite, 25% profile, mixed just 
so I wouldn't need another bag of flourite).   I did it with all
fish still in the tank.  It was a total mess, but in the end, 
all the fish survived fine, and the tank is better than ever.
Still, I wouldn't recommend this approach.  I saw a short bio-filter
cycle (ammonia and nitrites measurable for about a week).