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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #226

On 18-Apr-2000 Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:
>>   I too have been trying to find a source for plastic tank trim
>>   (as
>> well
>> as the plastic hinge used to connect front and back sections of
>> glass
>> tank
>> covers) without any luck.
> Great question! And if you find out, I would like to know also.

If you mean the "backsplash" portion (the approx. 2" flat plastic
trim piece typically found on the back of glass lids), it's widely
available from all the same places that will provide hinge strips. If
your LFS fails, you can mail order it (in a variety of colors) from
That Fish Place (www.thatpetplace.com); they recently shipped my 6'
of hinge & backstrip for $10, and must have lost money on the deal:
they shipped it in a 6' long box filled with padding, like it was
delicate treasure...