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RE: AZOO & Anthocyanidins

A few days ago, I posted a query regarding an AZOO fertilizer product which
had been given to me by a local retailer to try out. I remain skeptical
about the claims made on the bottle - I knew what Anthocyanidins were before
I posted, but I wanted to hear what a botanist would have to say about them.

One poster came down on the company in general, as a "snake oil" vendor.
This may be a premature judgement. AZOO has a wide variety of products -
including aquarium hardware in addition to fertilizers. As they are now
available locally here in Toronto, I have seen first hand that their
hardware is high quality - their acrylic aquariums and lighting hoods are
beautiful. I also have one of their substrate heating cables and it looks to
be well made and was certainly a LOT cheaper than ANYTHING else on the
market. (Yes, I know that it operates on mains voltage and not 24V, but I
intend to use it with a GFI protected socket and I have installed it in a
manner which practically guarantees that no damage can come to the cable or
the power cord.)

One major problem that they have is with the quality of the English
translation on both their web site and their packaging. As I don't read
Chinese, I don't know if the claims made for the product in English are the
same as those made in Chinese. Anyone who has struggled to understand the
sometimes convoluted English translation of Dupla's The Optimum Aquarium
should understand that translation is an art that is not easily mastered and
can be very easily botched by even a well intentioned person. The words on
the label could quite easily be the translator's, and not the company's.

Also, no less a company that Aqua Design Amano makes and sells a number of
products which skate over extremely thin ice - Amano is after all, the
Japanese distrbutor for the Plocher system and Penac products (read as "new
age mumbo jumbo"). A number of ADA product claims are very dicey and I don't
see anyone dumping on Amano (they are too busy grovelling at the man's
amazing aquascaping and photography skills).

I think that the jury is out on how effective the AZOO product I asked about
is, but let's not shoot the company just yet.

James Purchase