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Re:aquaria and bacteria

Steve Pushnak wrote:

>What is the name of that bacteria that is so highly toxic? Isn't that
>the same bacteria which you can find in dirt?

Maybe you mean Clostridium botulinum which causes botulism?  These spores 
are also found in honey which is why immunocompromised individuals and 
infants should not eat honey, but I still eat it and I am sure that most of 
you do also.  As adults we have developed resistance to a large number of 
microbes without even knowing that we have come in contact with them.  I 
would definitely not suggests drinking aquarium water by the gallon, or 
sticking a gaping wound in the aquarium (especially not with everything that 
the normal obsessed aquatic gardner adds on a daily basis!).  I would also 
not suggest being paranoid.  If you find out anything with microbiology, it 
is that bacteria are everywhere and an unavoidable part of your daily life.  
But IMHO, shaking that hand of someone else probably has a higher chance of 
making you ill than cleaning your aquarium.  Just my 2 cents!


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