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aquaria and bacteria

Various microbiology and medical experts have stated or implied that the
micro flora and fauna in our aquariums are not hazarous to humans. I
find this a little hard to swallow. (pun intended)

Are you guys saying categorically that they is no danger of sickness
from drinking aquarium water or danger of infection from unknown
bacteria if you expose a cut to aquarium water?

For one thing, I don't think scientists have exhaustively classified the
millions of species of bacteria that can live in a single aquarium. For
another, bacteria mutate. All the time. There are many kinds of bacteria
that do live in water and that can easily make the transition to living
in your body. I'm not about to offer proof or evidence, but you can bet
your life on it (literally).

What is the name of that bacteria that is so highly toxic? Isn't that
the same bacteria which you can find in dirt?
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