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filter tubing routes...

In my new house, the fish tank forms a part of the wall separating the
hallway from the living room.  There is a rectangular "hole" (actually more
of a box) where the tank sits (currently empty) so that both long sides of
the tank are exposed.  Underneath is a built-in cabinet with a bar sink and
electrical outlets.  This is where I will put the canister filter (current
plan is for an Eheim classic 2215).  In order to run the tubing from the
tank to the filter, I will drill hole(s) at one end of the tank, and "fish"
(no pun intended) the tubing through the wall into the cabinet below.

Here (finally) is the question.  At one end, heating/cooling ducts run
inside the wall to the upstairs, and at the other end, there's nothing.  I
am leaning towards running the tubing through the ducted end, in order to
take advantage of the heat in winter, and the cooling in summer.  Or would
this heat/cool be too hard to control?  The tubing would be just a few
inches from the ducts.