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how soon to add fish...

Hello everyone,

I'm a new list member.  I've read some of the archives and have also
received my first digest.  What a great resource, a list like this.  I am
on a couple of other lists relating to Airedale terriers, of which I have
two.  I also have two cats.

I have a question about when to add fish to a new tank.  I am setting up a
50 gallon planted tank.  At my local fish store (BTW, when you refer to
LFS, is this what you're referring to???), someone told me I *should* add a
few hardy fish (tetras?) after just a couple of days in order to get the
bacteria going, and then add a few more each week.  But I have read that
some people wait as long as two weeks to add the first fish.

What's the correct approach?