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Plastic Tank Trim

Simply go to a LFS that deals in that brand of tank or whatever tank has the
same dimensions as what you're working with. I've gotten several parts from
my LFS for All-Glass tanks. Just remember when telling them what to order,
that you know the thickness of the glass as well. 1/4 inch groove doesn't
slip over a 1/2 plate of glass very well.

Hope this helps.


>   I too have been trying to find a source for plastic tank trim (as
> well
> as the plastic hinge used to connect front and back sections of glass
> tank
> covers) without any luck.

Great question! And if you find out, I would like to know also.  I have made
glass tops
for all my tanks using pieces of glass from a slated (spelling?) window that
was left
here in a junk pile in back when I first moved onto my property. Hinges
would be great.
Right now, I have to take the pieces off one by one and for regular things
like feeding,
etc. it really becomes a pain to take them off and then put them back. Being
able to
open and close instead of taking a piece of glass out completely would be