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Re: Glass Tank

I'm not sure what a "Tampered" glass tank is.

Did you mean a "Tempered" glass tank?

"All-Glass Aquarium" makes a 120g 48x24x24 which is
not tempered. When they do use tempered glass in their
tanks, it is only the bottom glass that is tempered.

When shopping for a tank, buy an All-Glass tank. In my
30 years of experience, I've owned hundreds of tanks and
All-Glass is the best one out there.

Go to http://www.all-glass.com/  They have a dealer locator
where you put in your zip code and it will list dealers 
in your area.


>I went to an aquarium shop today to enquire on a 4ft
>by 2ftby 2ft tank for my future planted tank.

>The proprietress of the shop quoted me a price for the
>"tampered" glass tank which she said is more costly
>than the ordinary tank. She stated that the glass has
>to be "tampered" to give it the durability.

>Question is: Is there a need for a "tampered" glass
>tank for a 4ft by 2ft by 2ft tank for the durability?

>I realised that these "tampered" glass tank usually
>have rounded corners and when I view the plants
>these corners for too long, I have this giddiness in
>me. It could be that the refractive index of the glass
>is making me giddy.Is it that "tampered" glass give
>this disadvantage?

>Any advice is appreciated.