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Re: Reverse Photoperiod

I have little experience w/FW algae scrubbers, DIY only (the commercial
units are a bit overpriced IMHO).  But I have played with veggie filters
a bit, using higher plants to the same end.

With those units I use reversed photoperiod only when I wish to increase
the display tank oxygenation during its dark cycle by the output from
the submerse plants in the "filter". My water chemistry is such that I
don't have to be overly concerned about pH swings.

Those veggie filters operating for N-removal (among other things) only
by emergent plants are more likely to be on the same photoperiod as the
display tank, as they contribute no significant oxygen to the water, nor
are they extracting CO2 from it.

Both these "filter" types tend to operated in conjunction with predator
tanks, where convention planting of the display is inappropriate to out
of the question due to the habits of the display specimens.