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Publication will pay for pics

I got this email from Ortho Books I thought I would share with the list:

Ortho books is producing a book on Water Gardening. We are in need of
four slides. Usage fee is $125 for each.
1. Plant portrait or combination shot of lavender musk (Mimulus ringens
or/and alatus.
2. Plant or flower portrait of an Ohga lotus.
3. Portrait of a sick fish, koi or goldfish with "pine cone" disease or
popeye, or other type of fish with ulcers.
4. Tight shot of a school of guppies (from the side).

If you cannot provide these slides, might you know someone who could
help us.

Harry Priekulis
Assistant Art Director
Ortho Books
My e-mail: hpriekul at mdp_com

Robert Paul H