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What about F17T8 lights?

I will put the main question first, and then explain, so you can skip
the (long) explanation if you want to.

Q: Are there any lights that are F17T8 with a color temperature of >
6000 and a price < $10? I have the lighting catalog from Sylvania, and
they only have lights of this size with color temperatures of up to
5000. Pet Warehouse has these high color temperature lights but they are
> $10 per light.

Explanation: I am in the process of finalizing the plans for a T8 light
fixture for my 20 gallon "long" aquarium (30 x 12 x 12). It (the
fixture) will hold 4 24" T8 lights. I will probably use in it, unless
someone can advise otherwise, the REL-4P32-RH-TP ballast from Advance.
I would like the crisp white look and not a yellowish one. Therefore, I
am trying to carefully decide which lights to use. If all else fails, I
may end up mixing two 5000K lights and two 50/50s or 10000K lights, but
if there is any less expensive way to do this, please comment. Any help
on this subject would be appreciated.
Josh Liechty
jliechty at custom dot net