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E. coli

LeeAnn Talarico wrote:

(about my reference to "E. cola"<g>)

>I am assuming that you meant Escherichia coli, otherwise known as E.coli?  I 
>wouldn't worry too much about this one. 

Yes, I realized when I saw my post on the list that my spell checker had
run amuck!<g>

>Most people don't know that you 
>have E.coli in your intestinal tract at this very moment.  Harmless.  If you 
>were referring to the E.coli 0157 that affected people who ate poorly cooked 
>hamburger meat, then I think that you are safe as long as you don't have the 
>habit of grinding up your fish and eating them!  

Yes, I do know that we all have E. coli in our systems, but I also know
there is a very low tolerance for E. coli levels in municipal drinking
water, so I would assume it's something we don't really want to swallow.<g>  

I'm not sure what strain was found in the fish I was refering to, but it
was rope fish imported from a specific S.E. Asian supplier, that
consistently came in with large lesions, and would end up dying.  The
importer finally sent one out for a culture and sensitivity, and found that
it was E, coli.  From that pont on, the wholesaler has been able to save
every infected fish that has come from that source, and ship the fish out
to his distributors healthy and in good shape.

>As for mouth suctioning, 
>>suck on if you are good at it.....but just the thought of fish poop in the 
>>tube was enough to make me buy a Python!

I'm with you there!!!<g>