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Re: Mechanical filtration

On Wed, 12 Apr 2000, Scott Page asked:

> I have seen posts from many regular list contributors about removing the
> biological filtration from their tanks.  My question, what do you all use
> for "mechanical" filtration?

I have one tank where I run an Aquaclear, and I don't count that tank as a
plant tank.  Aside from that I don't use any mechanical filtration on a
regular basis -- unless you count the intake screens on the powerheads.

I have a Magnum 350 that I use occasionally.  "Occasionally" means twice
in the last year on one tank and never on any other tank.

Mechanical filtration seems to be a seriously over-sold capability.
Bubbles (oxygen and carbon dioxide) are the only thing that disturbes the
clarity in any of my plant tanks, and I don't think filtration is going to
get rid of the bubbles (or if it did would that be a good thing?). The
only tank where I see floating debris is the only one that's regularly
filtered.  The debris there is caused mostly by the fish stirring things

Your mechanical filter will become a bacterial filter unless you keep it
meticulously clean.

Roger Miller