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Re: Mechanical filtration

Roger S. Miller wrote:

> Planted tanks without bacterial filters work just fine.  The way you're
> going about it should be fairly safe, but you do still need to circulate
> water in the tank.
> I started shutting down and removing bacterial filters on my tanks several
> years ago.  In the first test case I monitored ammonia once or twice a day
> and never found measurable levels.  When I rebuilt a couple tanks this
> winter I didn't think twice about putting bacterial filters on them.
> There's no need.
> Avoiding bacterial filters gives a simpler, less expesive and usually
> quieter setup.  Reducing the competition for ammonia should (all else
> being equal) produce better plant growth.  In one of my tanks it also
> increased the incidence of green water.

I have seen posts from many regular list contributors about removing the
biological filtration from their tanks.  My question, what do you all use
for "mechanical" filtration?  I have a bunch of Eheim canister filters
loaded with the typical ceramic disks, Eheim gravel and a couple of sponges
for mechanical filtration.  Taking everything but the sponges out of the
Eheims would make them a little easier to clean, but not much.

Cleaning a canister can be somewhat of a pain.  What do you find is easier,
faster and effective?