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Lighting Questions

I have a lighting question for you experts out there...
My current set up is as follows:

58 gallon tank (36" x 18" x 22", where 22" is the depth).

I started out with 3-30 watt bulbs, and obviously this
wasn't cutting it for a tank of this depth.  I migrated
to a 150watt MH, of which I've had nothing but hassles
with.  I built a hood for it, but didn't vent the hood
and ended up cracking the glass top of my tank (just call
me stupid, I know).  Anyways, it is now vented, but I am 
thinking of starting a 30 gallon open top tank and using 
the MH on it.

My question for you all is, what would be your recommendations
for getting light into this tank.  I am thinking about
2 of the 96watt CF available at ahsupply which would
get me close to 4watt/gallon.  Any thoughts?  Is 4 watts/gallon
enough light for a tank of this depth?

I do have one double 3" strip light hood (Perfecto)  and the
original single bulb 3" hood (Oceanic).  I read in 
the archives that the ahsupply kits don't work well with
the Perfecto hoods.

What about VHO?   From my limited pricing thus far, it
appears that the CF is definitely cheaper.

Any help or advice on this would be appreciated.

-Cindy (lurker)