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Update on the yeast tank disaster.

Hi all, just checking back to express thanks to those who gave condolence
and advice, and let you know how it is going.

The white water that had a visibility of about 3 inches now has a visibility
of about 7 inches, and is getting better.  I tore down my filter, which was
completely stopped up, and discovered why.  It was almost a solid mass of
the white fungus, filling the filter nearly completely.  This is surprising,
since the Ocean Clear canister filter has an area that takes about 2 gallons
of water to fill when it's put together.  I evacuated this foul-smelling
mixture outside, training a hose full blast on it, and scrubbing the
remaining goo out.  After hooking the sparkling filter back to the tank, I
rooted in my closet for any old filters, and came up with a Magnum 350 and a
Biolife in-tank wet-dry.  I hooked these up to the tank, and went to my
friend's house, and borrowed an Aquaclear 300.  Leaving the airstone hooked
up, and with a total of 4 filters running nearly 2150 gallons per hour on a
55 gallon aquarium, I dare say this problem will go away fairly quickly. :)
The fish are taking refuge from the hurricane tides in the trunks of my
sword-forest, and look to be faring better.  I added a flocculent, and am
hoping for total recovery in a couple weeks.  In the meantime, I am going to
find some sturdy bottles for CO2 duty.  Maybe Gatorade bottles, if I can't
find something tougher.  I will be utilizing the powerhead method described
by Tom Barr (thanks Tom!) to disperse my CO2 from now on.