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Need Help Identifing Algae

> Laura and Mark wrote:
> Here are the stats for my new set up, 3 weeks.
> Heavily planted with fast growers and 3 Sailfin black mollies.
> 90g, 3.3wpg, automated co2 system, Substrate heating, 4 inches
> of 100 percent Flourite, Flourish tabs, temp 80f, Ph 6.8 to 6.9, 
> Kh 4, Gh 6, Phosphate 1.0, Nitrate 0, Iron .1, Nitrite 0, Ammonia
> .25, using TMG and 12 hour photo period.

> I afraid to dose with TMG because it keeps adding iron. It's growing on
the glass, tubing 
> and plants. It's very hard to get off anything plastic.

Don't forget, this is a three-week-old tank.  It's bound to go through some
swings, and you'll probably see some diatoms and possibly an algae outbreak
or two.  That said, it sure appears that you're nitrate-limited.  If you're
sure of your test kit's results, add some KNO3!  BTW, if the Flourish tabs
are the iron ones they're redundant with a Flourite substrate.  How much TMG
are you using?

michael rubin
michael at rubinworld_com