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Need Help Identifing Algae

Here are the stats for my new set up, 3 weeks.

Heavily planted with fast growers and 3 Sailfin black mollies.
90g, 3.3wpg, automated co2 system, Substrate heating, 4 inches
of 100 percent Flourite, Flourish tabs, temp 80f, Ph 6.8 to 6.9, 
Kh 4, Gh 6, Phosphate 1.0, Nitrate 0, Iron .1, Nitrite 0, Ammonia
.25, using TMG and 12 hour photo period.

The algae I'm having a problem with is bright green and looks like
the fake grass you put in your kids easter basket. Each cluster of
algae will send out 1 to 2 strands that measure 1 to 2 feet in length.
I read where some types of algae will grow when their is too much
iron. I afraid to dose with TMG because it keeps adding iron. It's
growing on the glass, tubing and plants. It's very hard to get off
anything plastic.

Any suggestions