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Re: CO2 and pH situation

> From: BeetleMaster at aol_com
> Subject: CO2 and pH situation
> Ok, here's the situation.
> I just got a CO2 test kit and it shows that my water has 70 ppm CO2, that's 
> right 70.

	The test may _say_ 70 ppm CO2, but I doubt that that is right.

> Now I'm trying to use the CO2/carbonate buffering system, but even 
> at 70ppm, my pH is only 6.8. My KH is 3 and my GH is 5. According to the 
> charts, with a Ph of 6.8 and KH of 3, my CO2 should be 20 ppm, but it's not. 

	The chart is _always_ right, so one or more measurement is wrong.
(The GH is irrelevant, so don't worry about that).

	What else is in there?  You didn't describe the setup.

> What else would be keeping my pH so high, since with 70 ppm it should be much 
> lower? Also, will my pH jump when I lower the CO2 input? (I know it should, 
> but I also know it shouldn't be where it is now.) Also, my fish are all doing 
> fine and breeding well, so much for the over 20 ppm CO2 being harmful.

	That's another reason I doubt the CO2 measurement.  Another is that
would take a very effective CO2 setup to get 70 ppm in the water.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada