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CO2 and pH situation

Ok, here's the situation.

I just got a CO2 test kit and it shows that my water has 70 ppm CO2, that's 
right 70. Now I'm trying to use the CO2/carbonate buffering system, but even 
at 70ppm, my pH is only 6.8. My KH is 3 and my GH is 5. According to the 
charts, with a Ph of 6.8 and KH of 3, my CO2 should be 20 ppm, but it's not. 
What else would be keeping my pH so high, since with 70 ppm it should be much 
lower? Also, will my pH jump when I lower the CO2 input? (I know it should, 
but I also know it shouldn't be where it is now.) Also, my fish are all doing 
fine and breeding well, so much for the over 20 ppm CO2 being harmful.