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Red Leaves on a Green Plot? Huh?

My Ambulia is getting red! It has grown to the top of the water column, and
now the top 1" of Ambulia on the surface is red. It seems the chlorophyll
has gone away. The other plants not grown to the top are nice and green. The
'Tropical Sunset' Hygro. polysperma has also grown to the top, and looks
normal. I have Flourite gravel with Flourish Tabs. Then in the water I have
Flourish and Flourish Iron, both twice per week. I have been adding MelaFix
for the last three days, perhaps this is affecting it. Even though I figure
my 46G euro style to be about 39 gallons, and the MelaFix says 1tsp/gallon,
I put in 8 tsp. the first day, 6 tsp. the second, and 4 tsp. today. I'll
continue with 4 tsp. per day until the mouth fungus in that tank is fixed.

Ben Brown -- Frederick, MD