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Re: Airstones

>My experience has been similar to yours.  I have two planted tanks, one 65 
>gallon and one 55 gallon.  I have only added the nightly airstone to my 65 
>gallon tank and not the 55 gallon.  What prompted me to add the airstone was 
>the reaction my three medium sized discus were having after the first few 
>days of C02 injection (gasping at the surface).  Since no fish appeared to 
>be stressed in my 55 gallon tank, I added no airstone.  I will admit though, 
>before implementing the nightly airstone regimen I noticed very little pH 
>swing between the time the lights switched off, to when they switched back 
>on in the morning.  If it wasn't for the stressed discus, I would have never 
>added an airstone.
>The 65 gallon is monitored with a pinpoint pH monitor.  Since adding the 
>airstone, I have noticed the pH go from 6.6 (at the end of the day) to about 
>6.8-6.9(just before the lights come on).  This small swing is completely 
>acceptable to me considering the discus are no longer stressed in the 
>Michael Laflamme

This is like the turning it off at night thing. You don't need to do it
really. perhaps even less with this airstone idea. I did it in the past and
wouldn't do it again. Lighten your fish load and get the plants doing better
and you will never need an airstone or air pump again! Oh, I had Discus also
and sure didn't need an airstone. It can help until you learn how to do
better with the plants or/and fish stocking loads but you sure don't NEED
Tom Barr