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Water sample from Africa

Thought some of you folk might find this interesting; it's
an observation of water a the terra typica of a West
African killish

>The location "RPC 33" is mentioned in 
>Huber, J.H. & Radda, A.C.  (1979)
>Die Rivulinae des südlichen Kongo (Brazzaville). 2. Der Aphyosemion
>Aquaria, 26: 175-185
>That's right, the RPC 33 collection was made by W. Wachters and J. Buytaert 
>in the Republic of Congo in 1978 (but they where collected on the 25th. of
>July - not August :-)).
>The location is given as "the river Kihongo, by the village Kingouama". 
>They give the following readings from the time of collection:
>Date: 25/7
>Time: 16.00
>Air temperature: 26 C.
>Water temperature: 20 C.
>Cond.: 70 microSiemens
>pH: 7.4
>Na(+): 5.1 mg/l
>K(+): 1.3 mg/l
>Mg(++): 5.4 mg/l
>Ca(++): 1.6 mg/l
>Fe: 42 microgram/l
>They where collected on a number of different locations (RPC 24, 25, 31 and
>They where found syntopically with different barbs, catfish, Ctenopoma nanum,
>Hypsopanchax zebra and Epiplatys multifasciatus.<<

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