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Re: Looking for and Survey

Well, I ought to place somewhere in this contest. The furry green algae look 
I loved in the 20 gallon tank has grown to great proportions. I'd say it's 
grown at least as long as the black stuff was several months ago, but it's 
certainly more decorative--goes better with the overall color theme. It 
doesn't grow on one side of the tank, it's mainly in the line of direct flow 
of the filter. I have strands several inches long floating and swaing off the 
tips of cabomba. Unfortunately, it's forming a rather dense coating on 
swords, which I suspect isn't conducive to growth of the plants. But, I think 
it would be quite beautiful if it pervaded the whole tank. Interestingly, 
when I move fully-algae-covered gravel into another (smaller) tank, the algae 
appears to die off.  

I had a friend over the other day who even liked the tufted black algae 
growing on my crypts and anubias in the 55 gallon. She thought it added to 
the overall attractiveness. 


<< "Rolling mounds of hair algae gentling swaying in the current. Here and 
 are scattered handfuls of red staghorn algae. Every once in a while you see 
 the cute head of a contented and full Amano shrimp popping out of the 
 like a cute bunny. Off in the shadows a blanket of blue-green algae provides 
 a nice intermediate color before it fades into the blackness of the shadows. 
 To the left stands a grand bush of beard algae. Contented and happy fish 
 about and through this peaceful scene."
 Some of us spend an insane amount of money trying to battle this peaceful 
 scene. I don't see why this scene wouldn't be a valid entry. After all the 
 category is aquatic garden and algae is a simple plant right? =D... 
 hehehehhehehehehehehhe... If this is valid, heck, I'm digging out my old 2.5 
 gallon with 8 watts of light and dump a bunch of miracle-grow in it and 
 the suckers blossom. Anyone care to join me? Some of us wouldn't have to do 
 too much after all to accomplish the scene I described. < G >