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Re: Algae pads

>Hello  Greg,
>One of my favorite products made by your company is a small algae pad that
>out-performs any similar product I have ever tried.  It is self described as
>being "cross hatched" which is why is almost wipes the green spot algae off
>by itself.  The only problem that I have with this product is that I can't
>find it anywhere to replace my aging ones (even though they last almost
>Does Seachem still make them?  Do you know where I can get some?

Unfortunately our supplier for that material jacked up the price so 
far that we didn't' feel we could competitively offer the product any 
more. We have no more in stock. By the way, the cost went up three 
fold, if you were wondering. There are still a few out there in 
stores, so you may get lucky and run across some... if you do I 
suggest buying them all ;-)

-Greg Morin

Gregory Morin, Ph.D.  ~~~~~~~Research Director~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Seachem Laboratories, Inc.      www.seachem.com     888-SEACHEM