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Re: Algae pads

I agree that the Seachem pads are some of the best pads made (best I've ever
used, anyway).  Another product you might try is the plastic algae scrapers
made by CPR.  They work better than anything else I've tried on hair algae,
and used in conjunction with the Seachem pad you can get rid of the worst
algae with a minimum of fuss.  Also, they're acrylic safe, which is nice for
folks like me.

Justin Collins

> Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 16:58:20 -0800
> From: "Alan  Kaufmann" <Alan4ever at worldnet_att.net>
> Subject: Algae pads
> Hello  Greg,
> One of my favorite products made by your company is a small algae pad that
> out-performs any similar product I have ever tried.  It is self described
> being "cross hatched" which is why is almost wipes the green spot algae
> by itself.  The only problem that I have with this product is that I can't
> find it anywhere to replace my aging ones (even though they last almost
> forever).
> Does Seachem still make them?  Do you know where I can get some?
> Thank you,
> Alan