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Re: Substrate choices

>>First Layer Laterite, and Terralit.
I'm not trying to start a debate about these choices as a substrate. I've
checked through archives. Without much controversy, I suppose Flourish would
win as the first choice in substrate choices--I've seen great results with
Flourite with even very low light and minimal futzing. Would it be useful
only as an additive with regular gravel around plants and such?
I'm wondering which of these products might be helpful as an addition to my
gravel (already set up) when planting new plants, around root bases, and
around bulbs (those ulvaceous are obviously nutrient deprived). I am not
even considering tearing all up at this time.<<

Both of these products are laterite or laterite "like" and are meant for the
entire substrate. If you want a spot fertilizer for rooted plants, it would
be much easier to use some type of clay ball, nugget, or tab for a localized
mineral additive, such as Substrate Gold nuggets, Bioplasts Depot mineral
balls, or Seachems Flourish Tabs.

Flourish Tabs contain:
Calcium 20.0% Mag. 0.08% Sulfur 35.0%
Boron 0.016% Chlorine 0.00023% Cobalt 0.00015% Copper 0.00011% Iron 2.8%
Manganese 0.11% Molybdenum 0.0003%
Sodium 0.0005% Zinc 0.00017% Aluminum 0.00006%
Vanadium 0.00023% Rubidium 0.0005% Iodine 0.0006%
Potassium 0.0000018% Phosphorus 0.03% Amino Acid chelates 9.7% Misc organic
factors 0.002%

Substrate Gold contains:
Nitrogen                 .01%
Phosphorus            .041%
Potassium              .01%
Boron                     .0091%
Molybdenum           .0000187%
Calcium                  .3815%
Magnesium             .1361%
Copper                   .001754%
Iron                       3.37%
Manganese              .016%
Zinc                        .001236%
Sulfur                      .01%

First Layer Pure Laterite,
would contain a heavy concentration of iron and little else if its true

I dont know whats in Terralit, but its a clay not laterite and I believe
that other minerals are added to it.

Depot Mineral balls are clay based, about the size of a large marble, and
are said to provide all needed trace minerals.

Robert Paul H
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