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Re: Lead Weights

Well, I'm not too sure about lead weights causing illness...  I have had a
2.5 gallon tank with a couple lead weights holding down small pieces of Java
fern (too small to put in the gravel without burying them and not enough
root to strap them to wood) for about 2 months now.  In the tank I have
several small plants and fish, along with Japonica shrimp and a load of
(QUICKLY over-breeding!!!) trumpet snails, all thriving.  The tank
parameters are unknown, as I use test kits as a diagnostic tool, but the
tank tends to run about 6.5-6.9 PH.  I use lead weights in my larger tanks
to hold down very small runners and plants that are too small to avoid being
uprooted by my sometimes overzealous bottom-feeders.  I can't remember any
strange deaths not attributable to another cause.  Maybe there's something
in your water that causes the lead to leach into your water more quickly?
Or maybe a retardant in mine?  Hmm.  Anyone else have a story?


>I was having health problems, and accompanying fish deaths while a lead
>weight was in the tank. The problem seemed remedied by removal of the lead
>weight and huge changes of water, during which carbon was used to filter.
>else stayed the same and water parameters were otherwise excellent.
>The higher the acidity of the water, the more of a problem this would be,
><< I could use lead, right?  Since they make plant
> weights out of lead? >>