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Michael Rubin wrote:

>>Neither Platties nor Balck Mollies show any interest in my hair algae.

Jeff Kropp wrote:

>You know that reminds me I have noticed algae seems to have different
>flavor appeal with different water parameters. Generally speaking when
>algae becomes problamatic it's also less tasty and so provides even more
>tsuris. When I guess correctly and make changes resulting in conditions
>favoring plants over algae my fish can't get enough and speed my recovery

Michael wrote:

>Possibly the other way around?  IOW, when it becomes less tasty it becomes
>more problematic!

>Live bearers must be capable of irony.  ;-)  But how DO you make the algae
>more tasty?

Michael wrote this as a joke, but I wonder if he is right.  It is
absolutely certain that horses will not willingly eat hay that looks and
smells very good to us, but has been grown with certain fertilizers.
(particularly chicken manure)  And _WE_ can certainly taste the difference
between a hydroponically grown hot-house tomato, and a garden tomato.  Is
it that much of a stretch to believe that algae can be more or less
palatable depending on the nutrient mix in the environment?  

This is an aspect I've never seen discussed, but it seems well within the
realm of possibility.