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S. nigriventris and algae

Many pet stores sell all small and nondescript  Synodontis as "S.
nigriventris". Some are growing faster because they are different species.
S. nigrita is a common contaminant, and grows substantially larger.


> Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 01:20:59 -0800
> From: Broken Tiger <admagee at teleport_com>
> Subject: S. nigriventris adn algae
> Hi, Bob.
> Now that's a thought, but I am talking a several times size difference.
> The big guys are in the big tank and the little ones in the little tank
> because the three runts wouldn't grow are all and never seemed to have
> the full look the rest of the catfish get when the eat, sorta a taut
> tummy, so I put them in with smaller fish.
> How great is the sexual dimorphism in these fish? The smaller fish stay
> lighter, almost white, most of the time and just look nervous.  The
> bigger S. nigriventris stay mostly a darker brown and although they stay
> hidden most of the time they are not shy when they want to come out.
> The S. nigriventris get what everyone (two S. decorus and three plecs)
> gets: bottom feeder flakes, worms, shrimp and zukes. The S. nigriventris
> are little thieves and do quite well at scarfing up stuff before the
> bigger fish get it.  In the big tank.  In the little tank, I would swear
> they don't eat anything but algae. Been alive and twitching in my tanks
> since November, tho.
> troi