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Re: Losses in shipping

Dave Gomberg Wrote:

>Because of the ubiquity of this custom and because customers may rely on
>it, I will be insuring all future orders at customer expense.   I feel that
>to do otherwise is to risk the customer misunderstanding who is at risk
>during shipment.  I don't think this practice is fair to the customer, but
>I do think it is expected by the customer.   So I will do it.

I agree with Dave 100% on this one.  I never used to charge the insurance
in the S&H for plant shipping to keep the cost low to buyers.  But as I
ship more and more, I notice either damaged goods, slow deliveries or even
NO deliveries showing up in two of every 15 shipments, despite using
delivery confirmation.  I try to helpout my costumers affected PO screwups
by reshipping (especially when I recognize the email comes from a fellow
List-Lurker), but this is becoming costly.      

People sometimes forget we are a couple of GUYS who love the hobbie (we
come through even at a loss) not "companies" (who quickly reduce risk by
passing hidden potential costs onto all costumers).

"Box Fees?" I used to hate that!  But now reality is having a sobering
effect on my idealism.

Sadly, I will also be including insurance charges in all my future sales.
USPS rarely screws up insured shippments.

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