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Re: Rotala, Mexican Oakleaf, VHO


I dont sell any type of Rotala because I have found it so sensitive that its
difficult to keep it alive in holding tanks, and even more difficult to ship
it in one peice. I would much rather not deal with it than to have to deal
with angry customers. If you just want a splash of color, red, go with
Alternanthera. Its a much hardier plant. And if you are in the bay area, try
Dolphin Pet in Campbell..they have a lot more patience than I do.

Mexican Oakleaf shrinking...one possible explanation is that the plant was
grown emmersed. One of the nurseries that I deal with grows all their
oakleaf emmersed and the plants have thicker stems, and compact large
leaves. The submerged growth has a much lighter plant mass, and the leaves
eventually form nice thick "oakleaf" clusters. These plants are real light
hogs and will not adapt to submerged growth under anything but very bright
light..but when they do grow, they REALLY grow..mine were in excess of three
feet in length...at least thats been my experience.

VHO lighting...I am not familiar with the company you mentioned, but
Champion lighting is a master distributor for Ice Cap and URI bulbs. However
I found one online dealer that beats Champion Lightings prices..
NorthCoast Marines http://www.northcoastmarines.com  This guy will even
assemble the end caps and do all the wiring for you, mounting it on a

Robert Paul H
Plants, wood, SAEs