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Re: Tritons part Deux

Don writes:

> His
>  comments were:  If it is a used bulb, Tritons have a tendency to not start 
>  when
>  they are near the end of the bulb life.  Also, he said to check the 
>  on
>  the light." 
>  Is there any validity to this? 

Yep.  They only lose 10% over their life, but once they reach that point, 
they stay out.

The tubes that came with the striplight are 
>  awfully red and I noticed a HUGE difference in the output of light when I 
>  changed one of the All-Glass fluorescent tubes to a Chroma50. The Chroma50 
>  was a big improvement brightness wise. I'm guessing I shouldn't see this 
>  difference in brightness since Triton's only lose 10% of their output 

The Chroma 50 and Triton im my experience arew about the same brightness, but 
the Chromas have more green, so they may appear brighter than the Tritons.  
And the tubes that came with my ALL-Glass hood were in no way Tritons.  Too 
much red, not enough brightness.

Bob Dixon