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Re: pond help needed

Chcuk writes:

> Last summer, I put some new aquarium plants directly in to my pond.  
>  Apparently, what appears to be Java moss was on something, and it has 
>  over.  It covers everything.  Last summer I was taking it out by the 
>  bucketful and a few days later it would be back.  I figured the winter 
>  would take care of it, but it didn't.  
>  Also, since I gave some hardy Lilly starts to friends, now their ponds are 
>  also infested with it.  Any help appreciated.

If it is actually Java moss(it probably is), I have a couple of suggestions-

1) drain the pond, fill it with gasoline, and light it with a VERY long match.

2) fill the pond in and start over at least 35 meters away from the original 

3)Roundout  It kills every green thing it gets close to.

4).... Well, actually, those are the best three I can come up with.

As for your neighbors, I can only suggest that you pray long and hard that 
God erase their memories of where this blight originated.  Failing that you 
can either hire a couple of bodyguards or move out of town.

But seriously, if you can find a type of pond fish that will eat it, it 
doesn't grow very fast.  It will, however, always manage to survive in a 
little tiny corner somewhere, and come back again when your fish get fat and 

Bob Dixon