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Re: Acrylic Tank Questions

John writes:

<snip>> 1.  It has some scratches.  Anyone ever repair these successfully?

There are very fine sandpapers, on the order of 1200-1600 grit made 
specifically for polishing the scratches out of glass.  This should do the 
job nicely.  Check at the local glass shop for a lead.  They may also have 
better ideas about repairing plexi scratches.

>  2.  It is 96" long, 20" high, 18" deep.  I make that out to be about 150
>  gallons.  Is this correct? 

Close enough.  Less than half a gallon short.
>  3.  I will have about a 250 mile round trip to transport the tank using a
>  pickup truck.  Are these tanks more or less fragile than a glass tank would
>  be?

Their transport strength and reduced risk of fracturing is supposed to be 
their biggest advantage.  Just make sure it is sitting flat and doesn't have 
a stone or tirejack or something caught under it.

Bob Dixon