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Attacking Rams

Sylvia wrote:

>Anyway, the annoying thing I encountered whilst trimming was a new pair of 
>blue rams, which I added to the tank about a week ago, decided to wage an 
>attack on me. I didn't mind the barbs, which will come and nip here and 
>there. I didn't mind the otocinclus, while I had my hand in far too much 
>removing gravel and leaves with hair algae, who used to come and try to suck 
>onto my hand. But it was a bit disarming to find the rams (both) attacking 
>repeatedly while I was trying to dig out those little holes and place a cut 
>stem and cover it back up. They'd be at it repeatedly during the entire 
>process. Of course, it's not really paintful, but I guess I saw Jaws too many 

If you have a pair of Rams attacking your hand in concert (or a pair of any
other dwarf cichlids for that matter) you should be congratulating yourself
instead of worrying about it.  I have _never_ seen this behavior from a
pair that were not guarding either eggs or fry.  Go back to the tank and
praise them for their excellent parental behavior! :-)