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Re: Need Help

Sounds like you diatoms in the water (Free floating algae).
Make sure sure you don't have too much light (Mainly direct
sunlight) on the tank. You can run a diatom filter (H.O.T.
Magnum or better yet a (D1 diatom filter by Vortex). When you
run one of those filters also use a product by Kent called
Green/Cloudy water Controller, which binds the diatoms 
together so they don't slip through the diatom powder. Also
check your Nitrate. You can buy all these products at "Pet
Warehouse" http://www.petwhse.com except the D1 filter which
you can buy at http://www.mops.com . When you do your water changes
make sure you clean your gravel with a Python set up.
I've never kept Discus so I can't help you there. Hope this helps


Hello my fellow plant lovers!
     I have been wondering where some of you get the testing kits for
like iron, phosphorous and other minerals used to assess conditions in
water column of the tank? I recently purchased a pH meter from Cole
and am delighted now that I feel I am getting reliable measurements. 
However Cole Parmer didn't have much of a selection for testing the
things I
need.  My Tank has been pea soup green for 3 weeks now and I haven't a
what is causing this.  I changed 90% of the water twice.  I am using 2
those phosphor bags in my Fluval for removing phoshorous and silica
which I
understand the algae love to dine on.  And I suspect that I am getting
excess of wonderful nutrients bleeding up out of the substrate and into
water column.  So, to slow this down, I added more of the fine sand I
to help "seal" the substrate a bit more.  I would love to see my fish
     My other question: is there a similar group on line that folks
recommend for Discus.  My new discus arrivals always come down with
something.  The books I have on discus talk about remedies used on the
European market that aren't sold here, California.  This time the discus
whitish slime coat and even the cornea of the eyes is fogged with
white.  I
am treating the discus as the hatchery owner has recommended.  But I
prefer to be better educated and thus avoid such outbreaks in the
And yes, the Discus have been in a quarantine tank since they arrived
not in the green broth of my 25 gal tank.  
Thanks, Diana