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Barclaya holes and CO2

I don't have Scheurmann's Aquarium Plant Manual, but I was told that on
page 67 there is a statement that excess CO2 causes holes in barclaya
leaves.  Almost all our many species of plants are doing very well (no
holes). Our barclaya is slowly spreading and putting up new, healthy
leaves. However they hardly grow a few inches before tiny holes appear,
first a few and then many.  This has been the case from when we first added

8 month old, 135 gal.
4 x 95W PC lighting for 10.5 hr.
CO2 injection: 15-25 ppm.
KH: 6
pH: 6.95-7.15
Iron: approx. 0.5 ppm
Potassium: approx. 10-15 ppm
Phosphate: < 0.05 ppm (with PhosGuard)
Nitrate: 6-12 ppm

Water fertil. with Flourish, Flourish Iron, potassium nitrate, potassium
sulfate, magnesium sulfate
Substrate fert. with Jobe's and other aquatic-plant iron/trace-element tabs.

I realize that we can't grow all species in all tanks, but must we give up
so soon or keep our barclaya as a "dwarf" plant? I would rather not
decrease the CO2 to a very low range, since we are getting wonderful growth
of our swords, nymphea, vals, banana plants, crypts, etc. Are the holes a
result of excess CO2 or something else?

Thank you,
Jared Weinberger                    jweinberger at knology_net  
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