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Re: Home Depot shop lights

These lights are what I used to be able to get six 48" lights over my 75 
gallon tank. They work great, but they put off a lot of heat when all packed 
together like that. I just left on the cheap ballasts and mounted them into a 
hood I built with a fully open back to let heat dissipate. I have not yet put 
fans in the back, but when I do that will help. As it is, my tank temperature 
increases about 5 degrees F over the course of the day, but I can live with 
that. If your fish are particularly temperature sensitive, you can add the 
electronic ballasts or just use longer wires and mount the ballasts under 
your tank stand where the heat won't get to your tank.

Craig (The cheapest man alive)

Wayne writes:

> I was in Home Depot today and saw some interesting shoplights. They were
>  only the equivilent of $10 American for 2 lamp 4' fixtures. The sockets
>  looked like they were molded into the endpieces of the fixtures and the
>  reflector was held in place by the same sockets/fixture ends. They look 
>  an ideal candidate for modifying for aquarium use. The reflector could be
>  covered with aluminized mylar and the ballast could be replaced with a high
>  quality electronic ballast. The total cost per fixture would only be just
>  over $40. They also looked like they were no more than 6" wide which would
>  allow 6 lamps to be mounted under a 90 gallon tank hood.