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Water Temperature Problems

While doing some routine maintenance of my Aquarium this weekend,
I decided to test the temperature of my water using a professional
digital thermometer that my Brother-In-Law owns. Much to my shock
and anquish I discovered that my water temperature was at 28deg
Celcius (approx 82 deg Fahrenheit), 3 degrees above my desired

I quickly turned off the lights and was in a panic on what to
do to ease the problem (I was wondering why my fish were acting
a little jittery). After switching off the lights I removed a
small amount of water to lower the level away from the glass
cover (and further away from the lights). I have also reduced
the temperature controller for my substrate heating cables to
22deg celcius and I'll be monitoring what happens with my water
temperature over night.

Obviously it is my lights that are causing this overheating dilemma
but my next problem is how to keep the temperature at a steady
25deg celcius? Anyone got any advice?

My tank is 4ft x 18in x 18in (250 ltrs) and the water level is
at about 1cm (now 2cm since I removed some water) below the top
of the tank. The lighting used is 3 x 4ft Triton Fluorescent
which are mounted in lighting hoods sitting on top of the tank
and are run for 10hrs/day. Glass covers cover the top of the
tank and the lighting fixtures are placed on top of them. Enclosing
the tank is a hood which is(lighting fixtures are kept underneath
this) which is fully opened at the rear to allow pipes and cables
to be fed through and also to allow heat to escape. When the
lights have been on for a while the glass covers do get awefully
warm, do I have the water level to high which is resulting in
the lights heating the water? Also, the glass tank covers fully
enclose the entire top of the tank and only have some small corner
pieces taken out to allow tubes and cables to be fed into the



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