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Re: Algal Turf Scrubber

On Mon, 20 Mar 2000, D. Martin Moore wrote:

> It is NOT generally true that the algae in an ATS system will
> compete with your plants for nutrients.  The reverse is somewhat
> more accurate.

I have a tough time imagining how the plants can complete with the algae
without the algae also competing with the plants.  It takes two to make a

> If you want a pristine, sterile-looking tank then ATS is not the way to
> go, but for a natural system it is, to me, the filter of choice.  The
> ability of this filter to enhance water quality is simply amazing.

Plants by themselves do a fabulous job on water quality without extra
equipment and maintenance.  Algal scrubbers may be great for a non-planted
tank but they don't do anything for a planted tank that the plants
themselves can't do.

> For more info, try www.inlandaquatics.com .  That's a marine facility
> primarily, but they also have planted FW tanks there using ATS which are
> awesome.

The vendor is a biased source of information.

Roger Miller