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Re: Anubias stumps

on 14/3/00 10:26 am, Piabinha at aol_com at Piabinha at aol_com wrote:

> for some reason, 2 of my new Anubias did not take well to my 29 gallon tank,
> where 3 others (mostly barteri) have lived for years.  these 2 are now
> reduced to the main green stems, having lost all leaves.  they have not
> rotted for weeks now so my question is will they grow back or should i assume
> the battle is lost?

Take heart, they will regrow.
You might like to try making some cuts on the rhizome with a sharp knife.
Sometimes new plants grow out from these cuts. I don't know why, but this
works about 50% of the time. Either way, this is a very tough plant. I
haven't had one die on me in years.

Mark Pan
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