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Bristlenose Pleco

> Does anyone know if the Bristlenose Pleco eats plants?
    My Bristlenose (Ancistrus) will rasp leaves a little too heavily if he
is hungry.  This is only really a problem with Anubias, especially with A.
coffeifolia (sp?)  with its rigid, corrugated leaves.  If I throw in a few
bottom-feeder tabs at lights-out (for the Ancistrus and the corries) this
isn't a problem.  Don't starve the little guy.  He *must* have wood in the
tank to rasp and a daytime hiding place as well.
> I'm scraping the glass about once a week to remove the algae there also.
    "Scrubby," as my aquarist friend Rebecca calls him, definitely does
windows as well!  He has reduced my glass maintenance time a lot.
> I know they don't get over 5 inches.
    That's one of the reasons I chose the Ancistrus.  He is also a
strikingly beautifully ugly fish.
> I'd really love to have SAEs but haven't seen any yet...
    The SAEs will also help with the black brush algae; I believe that's
there major claim to fame.  Remember that they are social fish who will be
much happier with a companion -- mine are inseparable.  Before I got SAE #2
the first one used to try to school with the Tiger Barbs, which was kind of
funny and pathetic at the same time.