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Re: Bristlenose pleco

Bristlenose plecos are excellent for soft green algae but once he eats
all the algae in the tank he or she might go after broad leaf plants,
especially swords. Once he cleans up the algae give him zucchini cut
long ways on a veggie clip, it will keep him happy and full of vitamins.
I should feed my family so good LOL. WWW.Aquabotanic.com has SAE's for
sale 6 of them overnight to your door $65.00.


Does anyone know if the Bristlenose Pleco eats plants? I am considering
adding one to my 45 gallon tank that has green fuzzy algae on the plant
leaves. I'm scraping the glass about once a week to remove the algae
there also. I know they don't get over 5 inches. I'd really love to have
SAEs but haven't seen any yet...