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Bristle nose pleco

My Bristle nose dosen't eat the plants, and I think that it eats the
realy soft algae.  I have heard that they are the best for algae removal.
 Go to www.planetcatfish.com for some good info.   I hides all day!  I
saw it once at night when i turned the room light on( tank light was
off).  They like algae waffers and cucumbers.  Overall I like mine.  I is
a real trick whine its gill spikes get caught in a net!  Hope this

             >:)))))o                             Hanna
     >:)))))o                          hydrohanna at juno_com

> Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 06:41:28 -0500
> From: Susan Barnum <sbarnum at snet_net>
> Subject: Bristlenose Pleco
> Does anyone know if the Bristlenose Pleco eats plants? I am 
> considering
> adding one to my 45 gallon tank that has green fuzzy algae on the 
> plant
> leaves. I'm scraping the glass about once a week to remove the algae
> there also. I know they don't get over 5 inches. I'd really love to 
> have
> SAEs but haven't seen any yet...
> Sue
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