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Re: Aponogeton/lighting/substrate

So, if I want this to flourish in the tank, I'm wondering what would be 
recommended. . .

In addition to mineral supply, perhaps the consistency (substance?) of Bob's 
substrate helps with these types of plants. I guess I'm wondering if I can 
expect any kind of success with this plant by putting an iron/mineral supply 
more local (with river gravel remaining as substrate), or whether to throw a 
different planting medium around these plants? (Or maybe I should just 
replace the entire substrate, in consideration of future plantings?) <shudder>


<< I have A. ulvaeceous growing in a 55 gallon with 80 watts.  I would 
 the laterite vs. river gravel issue to be at play here.  I have a pumice 
 substrate with pyrophillitic clay and peat, which (theoretically, anyway) 
 supplies iron and all other needed minerals.  The addition of flourish tabs 
 would not be sufficient to motivate root hair development.  I also use 
 Natural Gold in the column and every five or six months I add fern and palm 
 spikes.  My ulvaceous flowers non-stop.  If I had a sxecond plant, I could 
 probably get seeds.