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Aquapilot palm pilot tank maintenance program


A while back I asked everyone if they knew of a program to help with
maintenance on a palm pilot.  I didn't get any suggestions specifically
for Palm OS.  But I found the program I was looking for.  Anyone who has
a palm handheld should check it out.  I like it so far.  If anyone has
any other aquarium related programs for Palm OS please e-mail me.  

 "Aquapilot can track an unlimited number of aquariums and a wide range
of aquarium parameters. Aquarium maintenance history can be easily
recalled. Data entry is made easy with the use of pull down menus, just
select the value. No need to type in numbers.

Check Boxes allow quick recording of maintenance tasks such as Mechanical
& Chemical filtration servicing and Gravel Washing

Handy notes section for recording information like livestock additions,
things to do next service."


I've been using it to record my tank data.  I'll move it to my PC later.