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Blue green Algae/ Barr's Daphnia, Greenwater/ Commercial presence?

I was first introduced to daphnia when I lived in the Caribbean many moons
ago, but haven't seen it since.  NOBODY seems to have the little crites in
Florida.  Green water isnt a problem for me now since I use both clams and
a peat-based substrate http://www.mindspring.com/~boukmn/substrate.html.
Based on Barr's assessment perhaps its the peat that is having the major
effect.  I have looked about the net with no luck in finding:
1.  A daphnia mail-order outfit  and 
2.  Breeeding insriuctions.

Anyone have some info, I'd be thankfull!

Also, in a converstion I had w/ C.Gadd he suggested that Blue green algae
was not consumed by our fav algae eaters b/c it is toxic.  I found
documents on the net suggesting otherwise; but now I have my doubts about
said documents b/c I have since been unable to record visual evidence that
our fav algae eaters eating the stuff!

Under a microscope BGA is a massive ecosystem in its own right supporting a
vast number of organisms.  I have no way of deternining is toxicology, but
i need to know if Gadd is right about this.

Finally, the recent objections of some list members to us "little-guy's"
URLs as an unwanted commercial presence is wwaayyy misguided!  Our unique
offerings would be rejected by LFS as too expensive (wholesale), market too
small etc.  If we had to promote our stuff in the general internet din it
would be too expensive and it would be tunned out.  It is WE who advance
our hobby, NOT the major retailers, w/ our free advice, DIY projects and
strange plants that cant be diplayed in your LFS.  How long do you think
this source of info would last w/o $ to offset costs such as web-space?  Be

~shameless "little guy" capitalist!

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