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Re: clams and green water

Thomas Barr wrote:

" I recently induced GW to test the effectiveness of Clams and 
Mussels. They didn't do so well IMO against GW. Anyone else 
care to say something about this?"

I tried this last summer during a green water outbreak. I went down 
to the Potomac River and dug up about 20 thumnail-sized clams. I 
put them in a tupperware bowl (so I could take them out easily 
when I wanted to) with some gravel and settled them into the 
bottom of the tank. Three weeks later, the water was still very 
green. I pulled up the tupperware bowl. The clams were all still alive 
and doing their filterfeeding thing. There was a layer of green slime 
in the bottom of the bowl (did they filter it but not digest it?).  I 
guess there just weren't enough of the little fellows. At any rate, I 
don't think clams are the answer, or at least not this sort.

Cathy Hartland
Middletown, MD where the siberian irises are blooming